Yang Remedy Guide

Our Tablets and Capsules for Yang Conditions


Formula A Helps:

  • general recovery after a severe or long illness
  • general body weakness
  • reinforce immunity
  • seasonal immunity measures


Formula B Helps:

    • back pain and soreness
    • joint pain and soreness
    • warming cold body conditions
    • relieve certain types of edema


    Formula C Helps:

    • relieving inflammation
    • lowering blood lipids
    • reduce blood sugar
    • relieving memory problems

    During the Cleanse

    General Tablet and Capsule Dosage Plan

    • Every Mid-Day for Lunch 11am-3pm: Take a Yang tablets and gum before the Sour Sop Yang juice, Green Veggie Yang bisque, Ginseng Yang tea

    General Times When Not On the Cleanse

    Generally, Yang tablets and capsules can be taken 1 hour before the lunch or mid-day meal. Remember to maintain optimal meal times.