Qi Remedy Guide

Our Pastilles and Gummies for Qi Conditions


Formula A Helps:

  • build immunity and resistance over time as a prevention measure and recovery after illness
  • alleviate common cold, coughing and infections 
  • supplement regular gastrointestinal activities


Formula B Helps:

  • replenish general deficiency
  • energy endurance problems
  • memory problems


Formula C Helps:

  • urinary difficulties and certain types of edema
  • muscle spasm, numbness and tingling
  • tiredness

    During the Cleanse

    General Pastille and Gummie Dosage Plan

    • Every Morning for Breakfast 5am-11am: Take a Qi pastille or gummie with the Longan Qi juice, Greens + Rice Qi congee, Hawthorn Qi tea
    • Every Mid-Day for Lunch 11am-3pm: Take a Qi pastille or gummie with the Sour Sop Yang juice, Green Veggie Yang bisque, Ginseng Yang tea
    • Every Evening for Dinner 3pm-9pm: Take a Qi pastille or gummie with the Durian Yin juice, Haizao Yin broth, Chrysanthemum Yin tea

    General Times When Not On the Cleanse

    Generally, Qi pastilles and gummies can be taken for temporary relief or enjoyed as a snack anytime. When taken during a treatment course, do it before breakfast, lunch and dinner meals. Remember to maintain optimal meal times.